Riding 29er – Strong & Free

29er is New Norm

what caused the 29er trend to stick around? Who benefits from these bikes? Should you switch to bigger wheels yourself? All good questions. The answer really depends on you and the type of riding you want to do.

26 inch mountain bike is dead, who really miss it?

It’s been years before 29ers went mainstream. In that time sales of 26ers – which dominated mountain biking for around 30 years – have sailed off a cliff in true Josh Bender style, spanking the landing like a meteorite and ragdolling out of shot.

Why Exactly Does Bike Wheel Size Matter?

So, to the 29er bike advantages. Why bother to increase your wheel size? After all, the whole bike needs adjusted to accomodate the extra wheel diameter. What do you gain by going 29er:

The size of your wheel determines the level of rolling resistance you will get on the trails. Having a bigger wheel base like 29er allows you to overcome obstacles with ease.

Big-Wheeled Benefits of 29ers

29er mountain bikes are taller than standard bikes. If you’re tall, this is a clear benefit. Of course, if you’re a shorter rider, pick out medium frame size from SWIFTBICYCLE, we get you covered.

There are certainly benefits to 29-inch wheels over the standard 26 inchers. First, they have less rolling friction. This means that once they are up to speed, they roll more efficiently and maintain momentum better than smaller wheels. Second, larger wheels — and their larger tires — have more ground contact. As mountain bikers know, more tire on the ground means better traction. Also, larger tires allow for slightly lower air pressure (when that’s desirable), which further increases ground contact.

Finally Perhaps the biggest benefit of 29ers is that they offer better obstacle rollover. When met with the same size of obstacle, the obstacle hits a larger wheel at a lower point than a smaller wheel, making it easier for the larger wheel to roll over the obstacle. In other words, the obstacle is literally smaller relative to the wheel size. If you spend a lot of time flying over boulders and monster logs and roots, this benefit might be a deal-clincher.

Lockable Suspension

Frame Size and Good Fit

And finally, back to the height. Larger-wheeled bikes usually have a higher standover height. For Tall Rider, select Large size or XL, For shorter riders (say, 5′ 6″ ), find a really good fit in a 29er in Medium size is easy with SWIFTBICYCLE

1 thought on “Riding 29er – Strong & Free”

  1. Michael Krall

    This is an awesome bike, beautiful design and well crafted.
    Dave was so friendly and very helpful, he put together a fresh new bike for me.
    I purchased the 29er mountain bike and drove it home from his place. The smoothness of the ride and the gear shifting is amazing. I had an issue with the gear shifting and Dave put it up on the bike rack and fixed it right away, the test ride was great and the drive home I was hitting 50kms an hour and driving it like I was trying to break it lol, this is a high quality bike and I can see me having this for many many years with the help of Dave and his shop. He put all my devices on for free and addressed any issues or customizations I wanted. Glad I didn’t spend my money on an over priced Trek or some crappy Canadian Tire or Sports Chek Mountain bike.
    Name brand parts of the highest grade and excellent service and all local, what more can you ask for.

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