Wonderful customer service, excellent product. Only good-quality XL bike that costs less than two grand. Went for first ride today, loved the integrated shifters on the Road Z STI. Bike was fast and comfortable, the long crank arms and racing gear ratios providing efficient power transfer. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Kelsey Rabb

MECHANICAL ENGINEER, 3D Modeling Guru, Avid Cyclist

Unbelievable service from Dave here at Swift Bike Shop. His knowledge and passion for bikes was evident from the moment we first started chatting. I was given honest advice and never felt like I was being sold to. A friend recommend Dave to me and now I can’t stop telling people to come here. I’m looking forward to many more visits in to see Dave and have him care for my bikes the same way I do.

Andy Newell

Avid Road Cyclist. Human Resource Head

Real endorsement

Wonderful Twin Brothers

The service that Dave and his team provide our world-class! From a beginner to a veteran pro, Swift Bikes caters to everyone who has an interest in bikes with immense care and one of the best customer service that any client can ask for. Dave treats you like family and is always there to honestly take care of his riders in any way possible, even provides riders with tips and advice on how keep your bike in top condition. You can see the passion go all the way through to the quality of the bikes which are absolutely top tier at a price-point that no one can beat! Extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend anyone looking for a bike to go check out Swift Bikes.


UW Financing and Accounting, triathlon and Fitness

Real Reviews

Taking up "actual" Bike riding this year to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer 2109. I used a borrowed mountain bike to do the 200 km's. I have signed up for next years ride, and needing a bike of my own, I searched the net for something of Quality as well as a price that won't break the bank. Then I found Dave at Swift Bikes in Waterloo. Dave set me up with a Gravel/Road style bike that has the capabilities to do trails as well. Since purchasing, I have done a short 25 km and a longer 65 Km ride with avid riders. Not only was I able to keep up with the other riders, I actually passed them on the straights and sand covered pavement. Up some steep climbs was without effort and changing gears swiftly was amazing. Dave has kept in contact with me, asking how the rides have been and reminding me about coming into his shop for 2 week maintenance-tune up and overall point check to keep me on the road. I am so glad that I found Dave at Swift Bike Shop, I highly recommend his bikes if your looking for Quality, affordability and Service.
Personal Trainer & TRX Trainer
Was a little hesitant at first, purchased a XL Swift 29er about 2 weeks ago. I'm 250lbs and have put about 60km on the bike since I've owned it and aside from a re-adjustment due to it being new the bike has been great. Dave is great, very helpful and knowledgeable. He addressed some of my concerns and fixed them the same day I brought it to him. A+ service and very friendly. Although I've never heard of swift bicycles the frame is quality with quality craftsmanship and the parts are all genuine name parts. Looking forward to racking up many more miles on it this summer. ( No this is not a paid endorsement) I'm a real person who has waited 2 weeks before writing a review about a product. This is the first bike I've owned in 15 years and I'm very happy with it.
Control Engineer
This is an awesome bike, beautiful design and well crafted. Dave was so friendly and very helpful, he put together a fresh new bike for me. I purchased the 29er mountain bike and drove it home from his place. The smoothness of the ride and the gear shifting is amazing. I had an issue with the gear shifting and Dave put it up on the bike rack and fixed it right away, the test ride was great and the drive home I was hitting 50kms an hour and driving it like I was trying to break it lol, this is a high quality bike and I can see me having this for many many years with the help of Dave and his shop. He put all my devices on for free and addressed any issues or customizations I wanted. Glad I didn’t spend my money on an over priced Trek or some crappy Canadian Tire or Sports Chek Mountain bike. Name brand parts of the highest grade and excellent service and all local, what more can you ask for.